Authors Aloud- Shoo Rayner

This week the children at Slim were very lucky to be visited by an author from Authors Aloud. The week started with author Shoo Rayner giving an introduction assembly to all of the children. He is then spending the week visiting and working with KS1.

Year 1 have been reading the 'Ricky Rocket' books and learning how to draw the characters, later in the week they will be writing their own Ricky Rocket story.

Year 2 have been working with Shoo planning stories in small groups based on his 'Viking Vik" books, then they wrote their own stories. Here are some of their thoughts so far:


'I enjoyed listening to Shoo's Viking stories, he is an author.'- Jake, Canada Class

' I have enjoyed working with Shoo, he is a really nice man and really good at drawing."- Tia, Canada Class 

'I enjoyed reading and learning about the Viking Vik book's- Duncan, Canada Class