Welcome to Slim Primary School, a Service Children’s Education (SCE) School, mirroring the state education system in the United Kingdom.  SCE is the agency responsible for managing service schools in Germany and worldwide. 


Slim School opened on Tuesday 6th September 1977 and was named after the British Military Commander, Field Marshal Slim.  The school was officially opened by his son John, Viscount Slim, on 10th May 1978.


Slim School is situated within the quartering area of Bergen, a few kilometres from the camp in Hohne.  It is a bright, well-resourced school.  The main building is open-plan design and comprises three main units and house Key Stage 1 and Foundation stage (Reception) pupils, whilst two outside units house Key Stage 2 pupils and are adjacent to the main school building.  Foundation Stage 1 provision is in a separate building adjoining the Wavell Centre.  There is a main hall used for school dinners and PE, a library area, an ICT suite and separate art areas are situated within the units.  The school has plenty of outdoor space with its own playground and a large school field.